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Hongsamjung 100 / Red Ginseng product

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The heavenly gift Korean Red Ginseng
A company who provides healthy value to customers,
while making a world where mankind and nature live together. 
Geumsan Korea is the birthplace of the world best Goryeo Red Ginseng, and the mystery and effect of its
Ginseng and Hurb been verified since long time back as they grow in natural weather and earth blessed by
heaven with clean air, good mountain, and good water. We, Geumsan Ginseng Herb Farming Association
Corporation, are manufacturing the product today with all our hearts thinking the health of world people



* Health functional food
* 6 years Red Ginseng Extract 100%
Type of food : Red Ginseng products (6 years Red Ginseng Extract 100%)
Type of package : 240g×1bottle, 240g×2bottles, 100g×3bottles
This product is manufactured with the Ginseng (Fresh Ginseng) produced in strict quality control based on
the traditional Red Ginseng manufacturing technology and excellent health functional food manufacturing
technology, which is helpful for the enhancement of immunity, fatigue improvement, memory improvement,
blood flow through the inhibition of platelet aggregation, and anti-oxidation.










[Materials and ingredients] functional materials
Red ginseng(Material ginseng: red ginseng roots 30% and fine roots of red ginseng 70%) 5mg/g mixture of Rg1 and Rb1 of ginsenoside) (Classification: announced materials/Mixture ratio: 100%/Function(indication) ingredient: 0.5% of the mixture of Rg1 and Rb1 of ginsenoside

250g×2Bottles, 100gx3Bottle, 100gx5Bottle

Material for inner pack
Glass bottle

Dietary method
Take one spoonful (1g) using the enclosed spoon three times a day along with water.

Notes on consumption

  1. Make sure that the packing material is not damaged when opening or taking the product.
  2. If you have any allergy to ingredients of red ginseng. check the ingredient prior to taking the product.
  3. Make sure that you take it with water.
  4. Take more care when you take medicines such as anti-diabetic dxxx or anticoagulants.

Main functions
Recovery from fatigue, improvement in system, inhibition of platelet aggregation for smooth blood flow, and memory improvement.

Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight. (4℃ or less)

Return & Exchange
The products which may be damaged or degraded during transportation can be replaced with new ones at this cooperative or the store.

Geumsan Ginseng&Herbal Farming Cooperative(158 Goknamri Boksum-myeon, Geumsan, Chungnam Province, Korea)

This product is not a medicinal product for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

  • This product has passed the strict quality control and inspection.
  • This product can be compensated according to the Consumer Damage

Compensation Regulation, as released by Fair Trade Commission.
This product is manufactured by the company which is certified of Daejeon Regional Food and Dxxx Administration’s Approval No. Daejeoncheong 2007-0003), ISO Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Food Safety Management System.